Jumat, 03 Oktober 2008

Samsung Pixon/M8800

Samsung’s 8 megapixel shooter known as the Pixon or M8800 is now official.

The M8800 is featuring the following specifications crammed into a body that measures just 13.8mm in thickness.

* 3.2″ touch screen display
* 8 megapixel camera with auto focus
* Face Detection technology
* GeotaggingSamsung have produced an email flyer with some pretty detailed pictures but they don’t add much to the specifications that we have already given except to add that the M8800 Pixon has face detection, shake reduction, high-speed video capture and surround sound.

Other camera functions include a 16x zoom, although digital zooms aren’t worth the circuit board they’re printed on. There’s a dual-power LED flash, which is good for those dark nights in pubs and clubs. To view the pictures, there’s a photo browser that uses the built-in accelerometer to automatically rotate images to the correct orientation.

Video is supported by “virtual 5.1 channel” surround sound, which frankly sounds very suspect to us. The M8800 is controlled with an 3.2-inch touchscreen, in a frame only half of an inch thick.

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