Selasa, 27 Januari 2009

The world’s most expensive mobile phone

Austrian luxury designer and jeweler Peter Aloisson has designed the world’s most expensive iPhone. While diamond studded mobile phones are nothing new, but this mobile phone is somewhat different because it’s an Apple iPhone… it has a nice name too, iPhone Princess Plus.This could well be the world’s most expensive mobile phone!

The otherwise standard iPhone features a line of white gold around the edge of the phone and is also encrusted with 138 high-quality cut diamonds. The phone derives its name from the Princess cut used on 138 of the 318 diamonds. The rest of the 180 diamonds are brilliant cut. Needless to say, all diamonds used are of the top quality!
This iPhone Princess Plus has a price tag of €120,000. But, if you can’t afford this pricey iPhone, you can buy the iPhone set only with brilliant-cut diamonds. This can be purchased at a price of €45,000 (USD66,150).

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