Rabu, 15 April 2009

Samsung SGH-A657 toughs out everything, including its owner

Seems like Samsung and AT&T decided to go a little wild with their new Push to Talk mobile phone. The announced Samsung SGH-a657 is by its nature a squad leader. Figuratively of course, it is the sportiest mobile phone at the present moment. Samsung actually had to pick up military specification codes to design this tough guy. And as the result it meats them. It will be available pretty soon as AT&T has recently declared. Right in time I guess – just before the summer season when you might need it for camping whatever summer activity you prefer.

The sweetest thing about Samsung SGH-A657 is, as mentioned, military specification maintenance. Sounds and works great. Especially if you are really going to use it in extreme conditions of both – cold or heat. It will also tough out high humidity, dust, vibration and sun radiation. All that is nice to know, but we don’t normally choose a cell phone by this specs. As a civilian, SGH-A657 is also quite capable. It Supports 3G network, Push to Talk, Bluetooth v2.0, 128 MB expendable onboard memory, etc. The display only seems to be sacrificed. 176 x 220 TFT is not the thriller but yet, if we consider it as a secondary device for taking it out to rough places, it all starts to make perfect sense.

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