Jumat, 18 April 2008

Motorola M990 Smart Rider Phone

Motorola Launched today a new M990 Smart Rider phone. Strange as it is to believe, Motorola have developed a fixed carphone. This device is specifically designed to be installed in a car. It spotted in an FCC approval document, is described as a GSM high tier fixed mobile car phone and is a quadband GSM/GPRS/EDGE handset with integrated GPS and Bluetooth.

The FCC documentation describes it as “targeted to a broad band of markets looking for exclusivity like business men, limousines and private cars looking for stylish communication and navigation solution, which seems a pretty unusual and old-fashioned brief.The Moto M990 is a strange looking device, has a wide 2.8-inch colored display screen that has the resolution of 320×240 pixels.

The device comes with full GPS navigation system.The navigation system has integrated traffic reports and features real-time rerouting. Moto M990 is a car phone with the dimensions of 137×85mm and weight of 400 grams.

It also features an advanced voice recognition system that can be used for dialling calls or handset control, Bluetooth, an email client, web browser and quad-band GSM with GPRS and EDGE data support.

The M990 itself connects to all the other components via an “Octopus Cable”. This means that the M990 will usually require a professional installation. The handset itself can be unplugged from the cable, so it can be removed from the car or truck when not in use.

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