Jumat, 18 April 2008

VTech IS6110 Cordless Phone with IM Services

Leading cordless phone manufacturer VTech(R) Communications, Inc. has announced its latest cordless landline phone system to enable instant messaging (IM) and instant voice using a full QWERTY called the IS6110. One glance at the phone and you can tell it was designed to resemble mobile smartphones with its design.

The QWERTY thumb-style keyboard is to make the instant messaging capabilities of the phone easier to use. Beyond the traditional landline capabilities, the IS6110 offers free access to MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, and AOL (News - Alert) Instant Messenger. To use the device, the base unit simply needs to be connected via a USB port to the PC.Operating on the latest DECT platform for outstanding call clarity, security and interference-free conversations, the IS6110 gives users the option to make and receive landline calls or instant messages (IM) or instant voice (IV) calls.

The IS6110 offers unique technology and design, as well as other key features, including a handset speakerphone and phone book directory. The phone is designed to be environmentally friendly, as it is ENERGYSTAR ( News - Alert)-rated; it offers an extra large, high-resolution color display for clear and easy viewing; features Caller ID and call waiting, recordable ringtones, and a voicemail waiting indicator.

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