Rabu, 26 November 2008

HTC Touch HD, Touch 3G and Touch Viva

HTC launched three new phones recently - HTC Touch HD, Touch 3G and Touch Viva. The priciest of the three, and probably one of the priciest of all available phones, is the HTC Touch HD.

The HTC Touch HD has a 3.8-inch, 480×800 screen, plus other fancy specs such as a 5-megapixel camera, 288MB RAM and a Quallcomm MSM7201a 528MHz processor. All these hardware comes together to bring a nice and smooth feel to TouchFLO that’s faster than the Touch Diamond, Touch Pro and even the Touch 3G. No glitches or hiccups when scrolling horizontally through the menus.Anyway, inputting text with the onscreen keyboard wasn’t as good as the iPhone’s, but was still OK simply because of the huge screen.

That 3.8-inch screen is excellent. The HD will be a pretty good competitor to full screen touchscreen phones such as the Instinct and Sony Ericsson Experia.Meanwhile, HTC Touch 3G is slightly taller and thinner than its predecessor the original HTC Touch. The main improvements of the 3G version include a 3.2 megapixel fixed-focus camera, 3G with HSDPA, as well as 192 MB of RAM. HTC Touch 3G also features the newest version of the TouchFLO UI รข€“ the TouchFLO 3D and GPS (with A-GPS support).

The quad-band HTC Touch 3G has a 2.8-inch display of QVGA resolution and runs on a 528 MHz Qualcomm CPU. It also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and a microSD card slot.The HTC Touch Viva which is mainly for developing markets, is also pretty cool. It runs on a 2D version of TouchFLO that’s amazingly fast, but keeps all the functionality of the original HTC Touch intact.

Looking like a simplified version of the TouchFLO 3D this interface is probably suited for working on PocketPCs with lower resolution screens and not so powerful CPUs.

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