Sabtu, 22 November 2008

Nokia N96 Bruce Lee Edition

Believe it or not, martial arts legend Bruce Lee still influences our world greatly despite dying in his prime long time ago. Nokia pays homage to this great man by releasing a special edition of its N96, known as the N96 Bruce Lee Edition. Perhaps, this is one of the thing tougher than Chuck Norris!The phone’s release in Hong Kong is complete with Bruce Lee’s image on the phone itself and other swag in the box. While the specifications of the Nokia N96 remain the same, the bundle includes several stylish accessories as a Bruce Lee doll, a wrist strap engraved with his name and a key holder that takes the shape of nunjaku.Anyway, looks like the N96 back panel imprint of the Bruce Lee face and signature is all that distinguishes the special edition from the normal edition, in terms of design. Still, gladly there is some Bruce Lee content preloaded on the phone such as a theme and some rare photos of the legendary actor.There is a Flash website dedicated to promote the Nokia N96 Bruce Lee edition. Check out the website if you are interested.

The Bruce Lee Nokia N96 costs 8,788 Chinese yuan (about US$1,286), while the normal version retails for just US$600. If you have the money and do not mind the big price difference, drop a visit at Nokia online shop.

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